Week 5: Individual Meetings


May 4 Individual Meeting Schedule: 3:00 Melanie, 3:20 Kayley; 3:40 Sam; 4:00 break; 4:10 Carlin; 4:30 Megan; 4:50-5:10 Jordan. 

  • No group class meeting on 5/4; students meet individually for feedback with me in AB 110.
  • Students exchange drafts with two classmates for global editing (mark-up hard copy and meet to discuss). You each will be doing two edits of your classmates drafts and receiving two feedback summaries of your own draft.
  • For 5/11 class, each student presents 1) an editing evaluation summary of one partner’s draft including brief examples of strengths and weaknesses to read aloud and 2) fashions one or two questions geared to useful suggestionsfor group discussion.

Questions for global editing:

  • What is the central idea that motivates your writing?
  • Where and how does this appear? (Mark every reference.) If it is not included in the draft, where is/are good place(s) to add it?
  • Do you have an interesting title that grabs the reader’s attention and hints at the main idea? It might be the exhibition title or something else.
  • Do you have an introduction that sets up context or background? If not, how and where do you provide this? Are there better options?
  • Do you use description to help the reader visualize your ideas? Do you adequately describe specific works and tie them to main ideas?
  • Do you use evidence (personal observations, experience, information from outside sources, etc.) to back up your ideas?
  • Do you transition smoothly between paragraphs?
  • Have you discovered anything new in the writing? Have you shown your reader something new?
  • Do you have a conclusion that relates back to the the central motivation?