Week 7

Transition and Flow (Known/New)

  • Briefly walk us through the sequence of ideas in your latest draft.
  • Assess transitions and flow: how do you move from one topic to another?
    • Common writing wisdom is to use “known>new” — begin paragraphs with something known and develop a logical segue to something new. Of course, variety and attention to rhythm of the work overall is more important than following any prescription.
  • Read two or three transitions including some that you think are working well and ones that need improvement. Discuss.


In 15 minute scan your latest draft and write one phrase that summarizes the content and purpose of each paragraph of your draft for a final-ish check on sequencing and overall content.

  • Were you able to summarize each paragraph in a sentence or do some paragraphs still have too much diverse information?
  • Are there gaps? What’s missing?
  • Do the ideas flow logically from one to the next?
  • Does anything seem to be in the wrong place?
  • is there anything that should be eliminated (unnecessary or repetitive)?
  • Does this outline, in itself, clearly convey what you want your paper to convey?

Assignment for Week 8:

Alternate introductions: write two options. How will you get your reader’s interest? What makes them want to read on?

Keep refining your draft.

Week 9: Individual Meetings

Week 10:  Read-aloud-athon (with treats)