Week 8

Roland Barthes

Present alternate introductions (at least 2)

Discussion: How does each get the reader’s interest? What makes one want to read on? What role does each play in signaling the direction the paper will take?


We skipped this last week. In 15 minute scan your latest draft and write one word or phrase that summarizes the content and purpose of each paragraph of your draft for a final check on sequencing and overall content.

  • Were you able to summarize each paragraph in one phrase? Do any paragraphs have too much diverse information?
  • Do the ideas flow logically from one to the next?
  • Does anything seem to be in the wrong place?
  • Are there gaps? If so, what’s missing
  • Is there anything that could/should be eliminated (unnecessary or repetitive)?
  • Does this outline clearly convey what you want your paper to accomplish?

What’s the final prescription for the draft due 5/27 Saturday by noon? State your focus for this next-to-last draft.

Week 9 Individual Meetings (rearrange as necessary)

3:00 Melanie, 3:20 Kayley; 3:40 Sam; 4:00 break; 4:10 Carlin; 4:30 Megan; 4:50-5:10 Jordan